Heart Music

Leora Salo

Leora Salo is a multi-skilled healing practitioner, a composer of songs, film scores, and a professor in the Music Business & Technology Department at Houston Community College.

Leora believes music comes from a sacred place that is beyond words and music itself is healing.  As a result of her own journey of transformation, Leora now is shares her vast musical knowledge through teaching and workshops. Leora Salo also facilitates healing through music, Angelic Reiki, - craniosacral therapy and lymphatic detox through Papillon Health and Wellness, www.papillonheart.com.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Leora worked as a music therapist prior to obtaining her graduate degree in occupational therapy. Throughout a 20 year career as an OT, working in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, Leora continued her musical path as a songwriter and toured the US. Leora's music received world-wide airplay and placed on the Grammy ballot in multiple categories.

Those who want to sing will find a song.

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